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      Before I entered the middle school, I felt so worried about the life in middle school, because my cousin told me that I would have to compete with so many excellent students. Now I get used to the life, I learn many subjects from Monday to Friday. Though I always meet the difficulties in learning the new knowledge, I get help from my teachers and classmates. I am not afraid of the middle school life again, I am so excited to learn new things every day. In the future days, I will meet many challenges, I believe I can get over them. Life in middle school has happiness and sorrow, they fulfill my life.



      I've been in my middle school for four years. Four years' school life plays an important role in my life. I enjoy making friends and getting knowledge in school. I have also made friendship with lots of classmates, and I have also been taught different lessons by lots of different patient teachers. I have grown up a lot in the past four years. I will never forget my four years' school life. 我已经在初中中呆了四年了。四年的黉舍糊口在我的生射中饰演了一个很重要的脚色。在黉舍我喜欢交伴侣,罗致常识。我还在和良多同窗鸣伴侣。差别的教师交了我差别的课。在已往的四年里作文100字,我长年夜了良多。我永遥都不会健忘我的四年校园糊口。


      How time flie! I have studied in my school for three years. And I will graduate from middle school in a month. I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you. I had so many memories in three years' life. One of them impressed me very much. I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't do well in it and almost gave it up. As soon as my English teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn English well. Since then, she has kept helping me. Little by little, I've become interested in English and I’m good at it. I think I am so lucky to become one of her students. I've learned a lot from her. I will try to help others when they are in trouble. I think it is a happy thing to help others.


      Leaving school How times flies!(时间过得飞快,转眼就结业了) We have spent three years in the school I am very sad that I have to say goodbye to you.(我胶在黉舍一路划共度了三年的时常,此刻不得不合错误你说再会了,我很伤感)I've learned much in the past three years.(在这三年是,我们学到了良多的常识) Our teachers worked hard and took good care of us.(我们的教师勤恳事情,仔细地赐顾帮衬我们) All the students studied very hard and were all very friendly to each other.(所有的学生起劲进修作文,相处融洽)

      We will go to different senior schools next term.(下个学期,我们将要入进差别的高中就读) Let's keep in touch with each other. (让我们年夜家彼此连结接洽)And I also hope everyone will have a bright future.(我也祝愿年夜家,有一个光亮的前途)

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