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  • 欢度元旦元旦节英语作文

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    New Year's Day, New Year's Day a little friends, cheering, shouting, ran, clamor!

    New Year's Day holiday, what would you use it the way to meet it? Put firecrackers, fireworks, hanging banners, hanging lanterns or reunion dinner it? Today, our family reunion dinner to eat myself! Less than lunch time, I'll call my grandparents say the elderly go to a restaurant and ask them a nice dinner, and they waited a long time to discuss, finally agreed!

    At noon, a clear division of our family, my father and I drove over to pick my grandparents, my mother went to a restaurant or choose the right location spot some dishes in advance. Fortunately, we have to sit before dinner table, I ordered all my favorite foods! For example: long beans, yam pork ribs, pickled pork, escargot ...... and so on! Maybe I'm too much or because the save points, in addition to her mother ordered two grandmother favorite dishes, but also no in order now! Long-awaited finally one dish on the table, I see saliva down three thousand feet! Grandma seems to be a mind reader, immediately said: "The dishes have come, eat fast Ya-Ya!." I also rude, pick up the chopsticks to eat. (Do not think I can eat or rude oh) just those dishes too attractive! Burnt to death I myself! The old adage of good! "Eat Hot Tofu" Because hot, so start a chat, I tell the story to our class they listen, they heard a laugh! My mother said: "You still really little man!"


    元旦节日,你会用什么样的方式来迎接它呢?放鞭炮放、烟花、挂横幅、挂灯笼还是吃团圆饭呢? 今天,我们全家要吃团圆饭喽!不到中午吃饭的时间文职工作,我就给爷爷奶奶打电话说请他们老人家去饭馆吃顿好的,和他们商量了老半天,终于是同意了!

    中午,我们一家人分工明确,我和爸爸开车去接爷爷奶奶,妈妈先去饭馆选好位置或提前点些菜。 我们都坐好在饭桌前,我点的都是我最喜欢吃的!比如:长豆角日记,排骨山药,梅菜扣肉,田螺……等等!也许是我点的太多还是因为节省,除了妈妈点了两个奶奶爱吃的.菜,也就没在点菜了! 盼望已久的菜终于一个个上了餐桌,看的我口水直下三千尺!奶奶好像会读心术,立马说:“菜都来了文职工作,快吃吧!丫丫。”我也就不客气了,拿起筷子就开吃。(不要认为我很能吃或者没礼貌哦)只是那些菜太有吸引力了!烫死我喽!有句老话说的真好!“心急吃不了热豆腐”因为烫,所以开始聊天,我把我们班的故事讲给他们听,他们都听的开怀大笑!妈妈说:“你们还是真人小鬼大”!

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