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  • 高考冲刺英语作文训练

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    As the College Entrance Examination is drawing near人物访谈报告范文,________________________

    One possible version:

    As the College Entrance Examination is drawing near, the situation is getting worse and worse. From the picture, we can see that Li Ming is "studying hard". There are many books for

    him to read and many papers for him to do. How poor he is! At the same time, all his family are also busy working for him.

    Nowadays, many parents expect too much of their sons or daughters. They hope that their sons or daughters study hard in order to be admitted to an ideal college or a key university. It is for this reason that parents are strict with their children. However, they don’t realize that they have become a heavy burden or a great pressure. It is the hard work or the great pressure that changes their children that much.

    So I hope parents provide a proper environment for their children. Only in this way, will they try their best and succeed at last!

    the 驾驶员技师论文 最美孝心少年范文 is 人物访谈报告范文

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